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Family Islands National Park & Great Barrier Reef Marine Park

Dunk Island is the largest Island in the Family Islands National Park and more than half the island is declared National Park. The waters that surround Dunk are a conservation zone within the Hinchinbrook Management Area of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.

Visitors are encouraged to enjoy these beautiful natural spaces in accordance with the rules for both parks. Please do not disturb or remove any flora, fauna or habitat within the Marine & National parks.

For more information:
Great Barrier Reef Marine Park
Family Islands National Park

Welcome to Dunk Island

Dunk Island is Australia’s most spectacular and breathtaking tropical rainforest island. The Indigenous people called this place Coonanglebah, "the island of peace and plenty". One visit and we think you might just want to call it tropical paradise.

Unfortunately the resort remains closed while repairs to the damaged cause by cyclone Yasi continue.

The Dunk Island Spit camp ground, day use area and Family Islands National Park are open for public use. Please see links above for bookings & details. All other areas including the resort, airport, pools & farm are private property and off limits, see the map below for more details.